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WA State Community Connectors Statewide Family Network and the North Sound Youth and Family Coalition (North Sound FYSPRT) are collaborating to offer a virtual training on the System of Care and we invite you to attend! Understanding the System of Care is a valuable tool whether you are a system partner or a parent/caregiver of a young person receiving behavioral health care services. This philosophy is the foundation WA state children’s behavioral health care is built upon. When we understand the System of Care, we can more successfully partner with those who are serving our families and be stronger advocates in getting our unique needs met within the values of the System of Care.

This training is customized for family voice and is beneficial for families and system partners alike. Feel free to share the attached flyer (or JPEG below) with others and we hope to “see” you online at the training. Details below:

  • Understanding the System of Care – Thursday, June 23 from 4:30pm-6:30pm