Big Time Daddy Award

What is the Big Time Daddy Award? James May was present at our 2013 WSFN State Conference to present the award and gave the attendees the special treat of sharing the origination story of the term and the award. Here is that story in his words:

The Big Time Daddy Award is a very special honor, unique to the Fathers’ Network. About 20 years ago, after a panel presentation of dads at a conference, an elegantly dressed African-American gentleman walked up to us and said, “You men are Big Time Daddies.” Asking him what he meant by that, he said, “You stay around when other men leave; you love your child with disabilities big-time. Nowhere do I hear you whining or complaining about lack of fairness. You just do the job.” This coveted and significant recognition is given to men and women who have made a special contribution to this program and represent Big Time Daddies (and Mommies) everywhere.

Each year at the WSFN State Conference we award the Big Time Daddy award to an individual (or individuals) that have made a special contribution to helping fathers of children with special needs.

2018: Welcome Inclusion Initiative (WIN)

2017: Paul Lwali

2016: Eddie Sanchez and Sugely Sanchez

Recipients of the Big Time Daddy Award

WSFN State Conference was not held this year.

Andy Hill & Greg Schell

Mimi Seigel & Jack Baker

John Mahaney & Don Meyer

Chris Cady

  • Paul Blair
  • Dale Carpenter
  • Leslie Carroll
  • Care Colegrove
  • Mike Etzell
  • Ed Gegen
  • Pat Giorgetti
  • Peter Hunsberger
  • James May
  • Lance Moorehouse
  • Hameed Quraishi
  • Rodney Rowen
  • Margaret Lee Thompson