How to Be More Resilient in a Crisis

A Navy SEAL psychologist and a family psychology expert share the secret to becoming a more resilient person.

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From PAVE: Tips to Organize Your Child’s Medical and School Documents

Care planning and a well-organized system to keep track of important documents can save time and create comfort during uncertain times. This article provides some tips for building a “care notebook,” which might be a three-ring binder, an accordion file, or a portable file box—whatever makes sense for your organizational style and the types of [...]

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Virtual Event: Seattle Children’s Hospital Autism 205 Session – Parenting in the “New Normal” May 21, 7:00-8:30 p.m.

Note: This panel will feature Jay Pierce, son of Fathers Network mom Suzanne.   Join us for Autism 205: Parenting in the “New Normal,” a virtual event where parents, caregivers, self-advocates and community stakeholders can draw strength from this incredible community. This month’s Autism 200 lecture will be available through Facebook Live on Seattle Children's [...]

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