Support Event for Trans/Gender Diverse Children and Teens with Developmental Disabilities and Their Families

An RSVP and an intake phone call is required to participate.  It will be held at a confidential location to ensure a safe and supportive space.  See the flyer for more information. If any adults with DD and/or who are transgender or gender non-binary are interested in volunteering at this event, contact Robin Tatsuda at [...]

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Trouble Accessing Mental Health Care for Your Child? The WA Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics Would Like to Talk With You

The WA Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics is looking for parents to interview who have had trouble accessing mental health care, specifically with children on Apple Health and who have had a hard time finding a mental health therapist to take their insurance. Parents would be interviewed so their story can be sent [...]

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Know a Young Writer With a Disability, Grade 6-12? Encourage Them to Apply for the Playwright Discovery Award

Young writers with disabilities and collaborative groups that include students with disabilities, in the U.S. grades 6-12 (or equivalents) or ages 11-18 for non-U.S. students, are invited to explore the disability experience through the art of writing for performance—in the form of plays, screenplays,  or music theater. Writers are encouraged to craft short (10 minute) works from their own [...]

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