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Meet Jeremy Kredlo of Seattle, WA who works in IT at The Boeing Employees Credit Union and is the father of two daughters and custodial grandfather of

his two granddaughters, who both have special needs.


Through a series of some very unfortunate events that lead one of his daughters to prison and the other unable to care for her child, Jeremy has stepped up

and become a custodial grandfather. Far from the life he had anticipated, Jeremy finds great purpose and satisfaction parenting his granddaughters. That

would be challenge enough for most guys, but as you will learn both girls, who are 12 and three, have special needs. His experience has led to his dedication

as a volunteer at Arc of King County and the Washington State Fathers Network, which provides him with some balance given the challenges of working full

time and raising his daughters’ daughters.


It’s a remarkably inspiring story, about a father’s love for his adoptive and biological daughters and his commitment to being guardian to his granddaughters.