When this post was first made on June 25th, the email address provided was incorrect.  The correct email address is provided below.


There is a new process for Unemployment Insurance benefits customers who have disabilities to request accommodations so they can access services and benefits. Please share this info with other members that may need this service.

In the past individuals with disabilities were able to contact Unemployment Insurance (UI) by phone or email to request accommodations to access UI services. Many individuals with disabilities also received UI help by going into a WorkSource office. With the volume of calls and emails to UI during this pandemic, and WorkSource offices closed to customers across the state, many individuals with disabilities have been unable to request accommodations and have been unable to access UI benefits. In response to this need, UI and the EO team partnered to implement a new phone line and email address for individuals with disabilities to use to request accommodations, to have equal access UI services.

 UI Reasonable Accommodation Request contact info:


 Phone: toll free 844-395-6698 (WA relay 711)

(Fathers Network Note: I’ve been told by one parent that calling the phone number does not result in a response but that using the email address results in a quick reply.)

 Note: We are able to respond to requests only for accommodations from individuals with disabilities through this email and phone line. We are not able to respond to other questions and requests for information.

 The Equal Opportunity team will triage the requests, determine appropriate accommodations, and forward the accommodation requests to the UI Equal Opportunity contact, who will assign them to UI agents who will provide the accommodations to the customers.

Customers can find links to UI accommodation request information from three pages on esd.wa.gov:

 EO Page https://esd.wa.gov/newsroom/equal-opportunity

 How to get help page: https://esd.wa.gov/unemployment/help

 UI page: https://esd.wa.gov/unemployment