The Fathers Network works with some other dad groups and together we make up an Alliance.  Some members of the Alliance, the Fathers Network, Dads Move and WA Dads,  will be doing a fundraiser with Value Village and we’re look for some dads willing to help out.  The way this works is that we will ask people donate items like clothes, bedding, shoes, hats, socks, scarves, etc.  that we will then take to Value Village.  Value Village will then pay us based on the weight of the overall donation.  Funds raised will be used by our 3 organizations to hold a joint event for the fathers and families we work with.

The final donation drop off will be in the Tacoma area on July 15th.   But, we’d like to give people the option to drop donations off early, starting the first week of June.  To do that we are looking for dads willing to have their homes be drop off points and who would also be willing to transport what they’ve collected to the Tacoma site.  If you’re interested in helping with this effort please contact Louis Mendoza at or 425-653-4286.