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Supported Employment: Ting

Supported employment is available for those with special needs right here in King County, including the Adult Detention Facility in Seattle.

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Boy’s bond with chicken saved his life

I actually read the book based off this unique and wonderful true story, The Chicken Who Saved Us, which proves how animal bonds have tremendous benefit for those on the autism spectrum--especially when they have to go through illness.

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Yakima: ABCs of IEPs

Gentlemen, mark your calendars! This Sunday, there will be a presentation on the IEP basics, as sponsored by the WAAA. But it's limited to 25 participants on a first come, first serve basis, so book your space now!

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How Odious Is the House-Passed American Health Care Act? Let Us Count the Ways It Hurts People With Disabilities.

"Last week, 217 members of the House of Representatives voted to decimate our country’s safety net for people with disabilities. And many of them gleefully toasted its passage on the White House lawn with President Trump. Yet, on every front, the American Health Care Act (AHCA) threatens the civil rights, health, employment, freedom, and the [...]

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Meet the World’s First Comic Book Superhero with Down Syndrome

“Everyone faces different challenges in life, but those challenges don’t prevent us from wanting to be heroes,” Lion Forge President, Geoff Gerber, said in a statement (via Hollywood Reporter). “Superb is a story about two young people faced with challenges who struggle to understand one another and what it means to be heroes.” Exactly! Meet the first [...]

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Employable Me

Here is a remarkable BBC television series intent on proving that these job seekers with neurological conditions, such as Tourette's or autism, are still very much employable. You can check out each of the three episodes on Vimeo with the password below. Each episode lasts one hour. Episode 1 Password: employ   Episode 2 Password: job123   Episode [...]

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How I Told My Daughter that Her Brother Has Autism

"I managed to find some books on autism that explained things in a simpler way for Natalie." It's hard for any parent to conceptualize telling their kids about their autistic siblings, but this mom has such a simple, affordable solution to make it easy for her youngest daughter to understand her brother's unique needs.

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